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The mission of Southern Eagles Soaring is to provide economical and fulfilling access to the sport of recreational soaring for all club members.

Southern Eagles Soaring is a private club located in western Georgia at the Butler Municipal Airport. Southern Eagles is made up of members from both Alabama & Georgia. SES has a Towplane and a fleet of club Gliders. Several members own their own glider either alone or in partnerships. The central Georgia area has proven to be an ideal site for inland thermal flying. SES is within a reasonable commuting distance from metro Atlanta, Auburn Macon, & Columbus.

SES presents an economical way to start or continue your soaring career. We are a volunteer based organization, all members are expected on contribute to make us a success. Several categories of membership are available to meet your individual needs.

We are now flying Saturdays 10-6 & Sunday 12-6 when the weather is good (Usually just 1 weekend day during Winter). We operate both weekend days as often as we can get a full crew. (Contact us ahead of time to know a specific day's plan for certain). See our Operations Schedule.

We invite you to visit us in historic Butler GA. Take a Sightseeing Ride, help crew, or just observe, but above all, come prepared to have fun!!

Rides cost $100 [price subject to change -see fees].

Click here to Purchase a Discovery Ride online now.

If you don't use the above link in-person payment must be by cash or check. No credit cards are accepted at the field.

Flying a glider - soaring - is fun, safe, educational, and a beautiful experience. The central Georgia area is an ideal site for inland thermal flying - just north of Cordele known as one of the best soaring location in the eastern US. Because of the convenient commuting distance from Atlanta, Auburn, Columbus, and Montgomery, our club is comprised of members from Alabama and Georgia. The Butler Municipal airport also offers other types of aviation activities. Each and every activity cooperates to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.

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Become a Gliderpilot SES trifold brochure.

Glider Pilots & Instructors Wanted Poster .pdf

SES Club Fleet
k7 page
Scheibe SF-34
2-seat trainer #1
2-seat trainer #2
ka-8b page click for green k8

Single Seater #1

Single Seater #2
cirrus tow
Schempp-Hirth Standard Cirrus
Single Seater #3
Piper Pawnee
  L-13 Blanik
2-seat trainer in storage

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SES Private Fleet
Coming someday, details on the Discus 2, ASW-20, 304CZ, Libelle 301, JS-1, Mosquito, L-33, ASW-27, K-6, Ka-8...

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Membership Fees
Membership Application & Release .pdf
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Become a Gliderpilot brochure .pdf
Glider Pilots & Instructors Wanted poster .pdf

Tow Fees
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- K-7
- Ka-8
- Ka-8 (2nd green one)
- L-13
- Cirrus
- SF-34
- Pawnee

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