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We are in operation during the weekends when Mother Nature cooperates. If you would like to look into scheduling a glider ride or lesson, email or just call.

Let us know how we can help.

Wally Berry
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Southern Eagles Soaring, Inc

Mailing Address:
PO Box 2211
Butler, GA 31006

Physical Address
see directions

physical address:
Butler Municipal Airport
53 Airport Rd, Butler, GA 31006

Webmaster: C:h:r:i:s: R:u:f g:mail read carefully


We have 2 email group lists on


This is the main email list intended for announcements to the full club membership. It is restricted to only SES Club members. Joining members should apply for this email list.

We have a "main" email group for announcements, discussion and polls etc. as well as subgroups for Board of Directors, Hangar-Chat, Ops Planning, & Member Voting.


NON-members are encouraged to join the 2nd email list.

2. Friends of Southern Eagles Soaring

We use this group email list to make occasional announcements intended for potential members, discovery ride customers, former members, family and anyone else from the general public - current club membership is not required.  We will announce special events such as friends and family ride days, BBQs etc, and offers for Discovery Rides. This group list will be fully public.  Please sign up, you can unsubscribe at any time.


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Club Information  


Map & Directions



Become a Gliderpilot brochure .pdf

Glider Pilots & Instructors Wanted poster .pdf

Tow Pilots Wanted Poster (PDF)


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