Take-Off & Landing Checklists

Please Note: This is a generic checklist and is not intended to replace the authorized aircraft checklist. 

Use at your own discretion and risk!

Takeoff Checklist



Altimeter - Set to field elevation. Check other instruments.

Belts - Seat belts adjusted and fastened

Canopy - Closed, locked, and verified

Controls - Freedom of movement. Spoilers closed and             locked. Flaps set as necessary. Trim set.

Cable - Tow cable attached. Release checked.

Direction of wind - Verify wind speed and directions. Adjust controls for wind.


** Rope break - Anticipate and plan for.

Landing Checklist



Undercarriage - Extend landing gear and check

Seat Belts - Recheck tightness

Speed - Increase speed to pattern speed. Add 1/2 wind speed for gusts.

Trim - Adjust for landing

Airbrakes - Check and set divebrakes, spoiler, or flaps

Lookout - Check wind direction and speed. Lookout for traffic and landing area clear of traffic.

Land - Concentrate on the landing.


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