Soaring Society of America ("SSA") ABC Bronze Badge Training Program

The SSA ABC Training Program was developed at the prompting of Society members to have a standard of training available. It is designed to provide a basic approach to flying for the student glider pilot as well as to give the accomplished power pilots the necessary points unique to soaring so that the transition may be made safely.

This program is administered by designated SSA Instructors who must have 50 hours of glider time with 100 flights and hold a current CFI-Glider.

The SSA Instructor is responsible for ascertaining that the training requirements have been met. The appropriate pins and blue cards are awarded to the students who achieve the level indicated by A, B, C, and Bronze, each designated to develop skills and experience necessary for future safe flight and FAI Badge attempts.

SSA Badge Requirements:

   "A" Badge

   "B" Badge

   "C" Badge

   "Bronze" Badge

   World Distance Award

Federation Aeronautique Internationale ("FAI") Badges

Established in the 1930's, Federation Aeronautique Internationale ("FAI") Badges acknowledge internationally-recognized levels of soaring achievement. The hundreds of Badge applications reviewed by SSA's Badge and Record office each year reflect the popularity of this challenging and rewarding program, administered in compliance with the FAI Sporting Code.

Detailed information about the program and requirements can be obtained directly from The Soaring Society of America.

FAI Badge Requirements:

   Silver Badge

   Gold Badge

   Diamond Badge

   1,000 Kilometer Diplome

   2,000 Kilometer Diplome

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