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The members of Southern Eagles Soaring encourage all those interested in experiencing the wonderful sport of soaring to visit us at the Butler Municipal public airport. 
We offer introductory rides to those desiring a firsthand experience of pure flight.  SES can provide all the flight training necessary to obtain a FAA glider pilot license to include power pilot transition to a glider rating.  We also actively recruit power pilots willing to be trained to perform aero tow duty flying the club’s Pawnee tow plane.

Visitors should refer to the club operating schedule to confirm what days are scheduled for flight operations.  Upon arrival, guests should identify themselves to any club member who will assign a guide to provide information and, if desired, schedule a ride.  The club’s points of contact:

Wally Berry
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Fill out both the
Electronic Membership Application
+ Electronic Release Waiver

OR print & Mail the PDF Membership Application & Release .pdf

Fill it out electronically, or print the paper and either bring it with you or mail it to us at:

Southern Eagles Soaring, Inc.
PO Box 2211
Butler, Ga 31006


2020+ Fee Schedule  

Sightseeing Ride

$100. (approx 3,000'AGL tow)

The cost for a non-sponsored ride. If the rider then joins the club, the $100 will be applied towards his initiation fee. -A “sponsored ride” is when a club member (the sponsor) exercises his membership privileges to provide a ride to family or friends. This is considered a normal club operation and regular tow fees apply. A “non-sponsored ride” is allowed only when it does not interfere with club operations—Members always have priority use of and service from the club aircraft.

*All prices are subject to change*

Purchase a Discovery Ride

Rides should be arranged directly through SES and not a third party booking agency. We have had trouble being paid through third parties. Customers receive a better value when they book directly with SES.
SES reserves the right to require payment in full from Rush Cube, Soaring Adventures and other third parties PRIOR to providing rides arranged through them. We suggest you google the reviews and reputation of the booking agencies before doing business with them.



  1. We are a volunteer based organization, all members are expected on contribute to make us a success.

  2. There are four classes of Club membership:  Active, Active (family member), Service and Temporary. See club bylaws (pdf). (.docx).
  1. Membership is required to use Club equipment.  A person must be an Active member of SES to pilot any Club sailplane (to include a student pilot receiving flight instruction) and/or to receive an aero tow from a Club tow plane.
  1. Membership in SES is applied for by submitting an application and release form, along with payment of the initiation fee and the annual membership fee. A prospective new member must then be accepted by a majority affirmative vote of the Board of Directors.

Active Membership

Initiation Fee:  $700, payable in full, or installments of not less than $300 at time of application and $200 per year for 2 years until the $700 is paid. 
Annual Membership Fee:  Waived.
Monthly Dues: 

The Initiation Fee and the Annual Membership Fee is waived for any member of the Active Member’s immediate family (spouse and children age 21 or younger) also desiring Active membership status.  However, monthly dues are charged for each individual Active member of the family. The monthly dues include a prorated payment towards membership renewal each January in the Soaring Society of America (SSA).  New members pay their initial SSA membership upfront.  
No hourly fees or rates charged for the use of Club aircraft.   

Service Membership - for towpilots and others

Initiation Fee:  $0. 
Annual Membership Fee:  Waived.
Monthly Dues: 
A service member has to apply for membership as any other member would, using the SES membership application. They also have to be SSA members.  No,initiation fee, no,dues, but they do need to pay for their SSA membership through the club - $65 up front - unless they are already SSA members.  If they intend to fly the towplane they need to provide a copy of their license, medical, most recent Flight Review, and proof of tailwheel endorsement and time and a high performance endorsement. 
Restricted use of Club aircraft -Service members may NOT act as PIC or receive flight training in club gliders (except to meet FAA requirements for tow pilot qualification). See club bylaws (pdf). (.docx). 

Temporary Membership

Temporary membership may be granted by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis for a finite short-term period (such as a club-hosted contest) to afford towing privileges to operators of privately owned gliders at a rate to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Soaring Society of America Membership

Required. New members pay their initial SSA membership upfront. Full Member
:  $64 per year

Family Member
:  $36
:  $36.

Flight Instruction

Several club members are licensed as a FAA certified flight instructor for gliders (CFIG). They are available by private arrangement for student instruction, refresher training, and flight reviews.

Club instructors reserve the right to set their individual fees.

No additional hourly fees or rates charged for the use of Club aircraft.


The duties and responsibilities of membership are described in the club bylaws (pdf) (.docx). and Operating Procedures documents. Southern Eagles Soaring, Inc., its Officer or Directors, or their assigns, neither assumes nor accepts any liability or responsibility for the individual acts of its members.

Hangar Rent: Hangar rent is $50 for a trailer/unassembled glider and $100 for an assembled aircraft. The storage of aircraft/trailers will be approved on a case by case basis at the discretion of the BOD.

Trailer parking: $15 per month for trailers kept on the ramp/field.

Aero Tow

AEROTOW: $26 to 1000’ AGL + $1/ per 100’ to 2000 AGL, $1.50 per 100' above 2000' to 3000', then $2.00 per 100' above 3000'.

Simulated Rope Break

1,000' AGL (1,900 MSL)


1,100 AGL (2,000 MSL)


1,200 AGL (1,900 MSL)


1,300 AGL (2,000 MSL)


1,400 AGL (2,100 MSL)


1,500 AGL (2,200 MSL)


1,600 AGL (2,300 MSL)


1,700 AGL (2,400 MSL)


1,800 AGL (2,500 MSL)


1,900 AGL (2,600 MSL)


2,000 AGL (2,700 MSL)


2,100 AGL (2,800 MSL)


2,200 AGL (2,900 MSL)


2,300 AGL (3,000 MSL)


2,400 AGL (3,100 MSL)


2,500 AGL (3,200 MSL)


2,600 AGL (3,300 MSL)


2,700 AGL (3,400 MSL)


2,800 AGL (3,500 MSL)


2,900 AGL (3,600 MSL)


3,000 AGL (3,900 MSL)


3,200 AGL (4,100 MSL)



AeroRetrieve/tach hour


NON-MEMBER tows (guests, contests, etc.) add $10.00 surcharge per tow.

Tow Log Sheet.pdf also .doc
Aero Retrieve will be performed when the circumstances allow.


Fees Subject to Change.

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