L-13 Blanik
2-seat trainer


The original L-13 BLANIK was built by the LET factory in 1958. Since then almost 3000 L-13s were made, and many of them are still flying all over the world. The two-seat, all-metal L-13 became very popular due its durability, reliability, and ease of handling.

Although out of production for a number of years, the Blanik remains one of the most active two- place training and club aircraft throughout the world. An all-metal flush riveted sailplane with fabric covered control surfaces, the Blanik is stressed for aerobatics and has held many two- place records. It is equipped with DFS type airbrakes and Fowler-type flaps. The main wheel has an oleo strut shock absorber and is partially retractable. The horizontal tail surfaces fold up parallel to the fin for transportation and storage.

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L-13 Flight Manual [.pdf reference document] - future addition.

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  The L-13 is in storage awaiting resolution to an AD

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