Warm Springs Turnpoints & Maps

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Turnpoint Maps
Reference Maps available in PDF format - not for navigation.

Map of Local Turnpoints Zoomed In
Auburn 48mi SW to Police Academy 43mi E, with terrain shown.
Designed for color laser printing 11x17 best, or 8.5x11"

warm_springs_map 2015 SeeYou Zoom local Dark background

warm_springs_map 2015 SeeYou Zoom local Light background

Detailed Map of All Turnpoints
This map is intended to be used for far away turnpoints, it is best to refer to the above zoomed in local for the close in points.
"Other"/non-contest points are depicted.
Designed for color laser printing 11x17 best, or 8.5x11"

warm_springs_map 2015 SeeYou full


Simple Map of All Turnpoints
"Other"/non-contest points not depicted

warm_springs_map 2015 simple


USGS Topomap of Warm Springs area
no turnpoints on this good reference map

warm_springs_map 2011 Topo

Turnpoint List

Full List

The Warm Springs Turn Point file has 90 turn points, including those needed for FAI Triangles, as well as Out & Return flights for Records & Badges. There are close in turn points for teaching cross country to students, while staying close to home. It has 595 total points. 90 turn points. The rest are non turn points = 505 for landouts!

We've realized that often when that really great day comes a pilot's imagination is limited by the waypoints loaded into their GPS ...so we have expanded boundaries to allow for exceptional flights when the opportunity arises.

This list was also generated with the intention of using it for the 3 local gliderports: Roosevelt, Meadowlark & Windrift.

Downloadable files are on the Turn Point Exchange: http://soaringweb.org/TP/Warm_springs

Alternate Short lists

Alternate "shorter" lists for older Cambridge flight recorders and other "Jurassic GPS" systems. Use this only if you prefer a smaller file with few turn points. You are welcome to use these, or cut your own down from those on the TP exchange server. Files are zip compressed.

Less than 250 points. Sufficient for all GTA contests. Goes out to ~97miles.

warm_springs2015nm_web245.cup SeeYou .Cup 245 points.

warm_springs2015-242.dat CAI formatted .dat file with 242 points.

Less than 500 points, 495 points total. More than sufficient for all GTA contests. Goes out to 184miles.

warm_springs2015nm_web495.dat exported from SeeYou so the format is compromised somewhat



We've put considerable effort into checking the points in the database we've distributed. In doing so, we've made numerous corrections that are likely to be helpful (such as eliminating some airfields that are not safely landable, and correcting coordinates that were wrong). Unfortunately, we are confident that perfection has not and cannot be achieved. We will neither withhold useful information from pilots, nor accept responsibility for any decision that properly belongs to a pilot in command, including that of evaluating the safety of any potential landing site. No landing site whether an airport or otherwise can be deemed suitable or available other than the pilot in command.



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